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Tiny Jobs: Who We Are

Tiny Jobs is a platform devoted to connecting passionate and skilled workers with people who need quality service and care.

Here to Help

Your neck is hurting from that long day of work; we’ve got you covered with a verified Massage Therapist. Are you leaving on vacation but can’t bear to send Spot to a kennel? We’ll find the best pet sitter. You woke up to find it raining… in your bedroom. A repairman is on the way. Moving to a new apartment and all your friends are conveniently too busy to help? We’ll get the most efficient movers to your doorstep. At Tiny Jobs®, we’re committed to making your daily hassles feel tiny no matter how big or small they may be.

The platform is built with you in mind. All transactions are executed on the website, giving you the security that your money will safely transfer hands. We make sure you are protected when you communicate or transfer files containing precise requests. With clear pricing and fees, never again will you be taken by surprise by a hefty bill from the plumber.

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For every problem, Tiny Jobs® has a solution. From housework, to personal care as well as special events, there is a line of Tiny Jobbers waiting to help you. Have peace of mind knowing that you can say goodbye to long hours of searching and mediocre work.

Tiny Jobs

Have you spotted the iconic Tiny Jobs orange at our trade shows? Or seen us spreading the word on the streets? Maybe you caught a peak at us at the Concordia Trade Show or the National Home Show. Pick up a flyer if you catch us working with Rouleau Bouleau and other great Montreal initiatives!

We are dedicated to our community

The Tiny Jobs Company is committed to our community.

We are proud to support and sponsor Gerdy’s Rescue and Adoption.

Tiny Jobs also works with local Montreal-based organizations like SOAQ and Precision4.

The Original Tiny Jobber

“Our commitment to keep TinyJobs going was it had to be fun for us and help others at the same time” -Andrew I.

Andrew I., founder of Tiny Jobs, was the original Tiny Jobber. Growing up in a single parent household, Andrew was responsible for small tasks and jobs whether it was helping out his mother, the neighbours or the store around the corner. Inspired by his many experiences in all different areas, and seeing his own family being taken advantage of by bad workers, he conceived of Tiny Jobs as a way to translate word-of-mouth hiring into an easy-to-use platform.