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TinyJobs has the best handymen in town! They’re motivated, hard working, verified and reviewed so you can book now stress-free! Simply contact your selected handyman by sending him or her a private message, requesting a custom offer, or by booking the job instantly. Once the task is completed, don’t forget to rate your seller and write them a review for other TinyJobbers to see! If you’re looking for something different, feel free to submit a job request form and we’ll work on finding the perfect match for your needs.

avatar Chris_J
Not enough ratings
Pro Painter Pro Painter
Pro Painter
100.00 CDN
avatar MarcoC
Not enough ratings
Self-managed Handy-man Self-managed Handy-man
Self-managed Handy-man
30.00 CDN
avatar AmandaS
Not enough ratings
Experienced Painter Experienced Painter
Experienced Painter
90.00 CDN
avatar Bretthandyman
Not rated yet
Handyman Handyman
avatar MaxD
Not enough ratings
Service de peintre Service de peintre
Service de peintre
90.00 CDN
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